Centre for the Regional Park of the Haut-Jura

Lajoux / Jura

This project was conceived as a tool of public awareness for those who visit the national park and also for the residents of the area, demonstrating an indepth research into the constructive practices, the materials and the environmental behaviours of the building. The architecture reduces the consumption of energy through utilising and optimising the natural climatic conditions, concerning not only active systems but also studying the passive behaviour of the building. It is on this final point that our intervention is the most significative. Our project cites among its principle measures the correct volumetric capacity of the building envelope, the “Russian Doll” effect assuring the correct behaviour of the building, concerning particularly  that of the thermal heat losses, the utilisation of wood for heating purposes, the “thermal blanket” that intervenes between the interior and exterior atmospheres, without sacrificing the level of natural lighting. This blanket functions like a space of thermic control, capable of absorbing and cushioning the effects of the exterior environment on the interior atmospheres of the building (effects generated by wind, sun and general variations in the temperature).

Premises for welcoming the public (exhibition rooms, projection room, educational workshops) and administration of the Natural Park

Client : Regional Natural Park

Area : Extension 1335 m2, existing 500 m2
Budget : 2,5 M.€HT

Architects and Engineers
Architectures Adelfo Scaranello
CET Ingénierie, ECPI Economists