Flocked wood

The world of timber construction is changing context.
The devices we used to use until now no longer comply with the regulations that are being developed on fire safety in timber construction.
We are therefore forced to adapt our projects, including on sites already under way but designed with the old rules in mind.
This is notably the case in Strasbourg, for the ilot démonstrateur bois et biosourcé at the Port du Rhin.
The first building is practically at the end of assembly. and a series of adaptations had to be made during the course of the works, with the advice of Eric Dibling (AMO of the project owner) and the control office, Cyrille Camus of Socotec. One of the most spectacular measures concerned the flocking of all the assembly fittings to ensure their fire stability.
This system gives rise to previously unseen images on a timber site.

ENEDIS in full transparency ?

The ENEDIS Training Campus is located next to Saint Bel, on the site of the Villa Mangini, named after a little-known but extraordinary family of humanist entrepreneurs from Lyon. A fascinating book, written by Laurence Duran Jaillard, is dedicated to them by Libel editions.
The house itself is signed by the architect Gaspard André.
Our project workshop was very lively and exciting for our team, with in particular the development of innovative construction schemes and an exemplary environmental approach.
We shared this study with Adelfo Scaranello architect, Jean Baptiste Lestra landscape architect and our friends from Arborescence and eEgénie.
Unfortunately, we learned in the press, and after everyone else, that we had lost this consultation.
This unpleasant experience allowed us to discover the very curious and perfectly opaque practices of ENEDIS …
We would also like to congratulate the Chabanne agency which has been designated the winner of this great operation.
Images / Entre chien et loup 

Not in my backyard

This summer, we filed and obtained a building permit on behalf of a private owner for the reconstruction of a town house he owns, at the end of the rue des Tables Claudiennes, on the slopes of the Croix-Rousse in Lyon.
This permit is currently the subject of more than 65 appeals.
In a way, we could be quite proud to have set a kind of record in this way.
On the contrary, we are rather surprised and disappointed to see that a project that strictly complies with urban planning rules and displays strong constructive and environmental ambitions is stigmatized to such an extent by its neighbors.
The new house is built entirely of wood and bio-sourced materials and has a totally new environmental footprint on the slopes of La Croix-Rousse.
It also has a sober architecture that is consistent with the surrounding Canuts buildings.
But the “not in my backyard” is at work.
The arguments put forward in the appeals are the result of a pure search for litigation and impediments. They are clearly incriminating, and in a register not of that here.
Funny detail of this little story : some of the architects and engineers in the Tectoniques group are Croix-Roussiens, and some of them have been there for a very long time.
So we are calmly watching these exchanges, as inhabitants of a neighborhood that we love and that we imagine to be evolving and alive.

Mixed wood-concrete system

Tectoniques is the winner of a consultation for lot i of the new Grand Parilly district in Vénissieux.
The buildings are designed in a mixed wood-concrete system and are thus part of a new generation of construction and architecture in the Lyon metropolis.
The wood and its transformation are sourced regionally.
The performance levels are BEPOS Effinergie 2017(E3C1), NF HQE housing and the performance level of the Référentiel Grand Lyon.
The program includes 115 housing units and shared spaces.
The developer is Lionheart accompanied by D2P conseil and the Atelier Roche agency as chief architect.
Icade is the owner of the lot and we are sharing this project with the BBC agency.

RE 2020 at last in the right direction

The November 24th statements of the Minister of Ecological Transition regarding the trajectory of the future RE 2020 are a real change of direction and a strong commitment to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings.
After a long period of procrastination and scenarios of sometimes strange valuation of certain building systems, here we are finally with a roadmap that values in its right place wood and bio-sourced materials.

French CLT

The photo report on the Maison de l’enfance d’Albertville has just been delivered / selection of some views above. Designed in a very compact way, the project is nevertheless of great programmatic density. It includes a multi-accueil, a nursery assistant relay, a family crèche, a school restaurant and a leisure centre. It is built using a hybrid process. A central block of concrete pre-walls is surrounded and raised by a wooden structure. The latter consists of vertical CLT structures and glulam flooring. The CLT is made of French wood (PLX from Monnet Sève). The insulation is made of bio-based materials (cellulose wadding, wood wool and recycled textile mix). The equipment is heated by a biomass heating network and ventilated by an adiabatic AHU. Full photo report coming soon.

Presentation of the Rénovacime research program on October 14th at Pôle Excellence Bois

Most of the buildings built in the 400 French stations suffer from the same problems: overly systematic architecture, cramped apartments, dilapidated interior decoration, poorly organized common spaces that are not very user-friendly and offer too few services, poorly insulated facades, inefficient windows, energy-intensive equipment (electric convectors, poorly calibrated lighting, limited sanitary facilities and kitchens), and maintenance that is often incomplete because of the complex status of condominiums.
The observation is well known: the quality of the real estate is eroding and the image of the stations is becoming impoverished.

The fight against cold beds has therefore become a central issue for the viability of the stations. Beyond the necessary renovation of an aging heritage, it is a question of offering a second youth to second home condominiums. It is necessary to stimulate occupancy, through increased comfort, facilitating services and habitability designed for all four seasons.
Today, this approach must also be based on a reflection on the ecological footprint of the interventions.
The mountain is indeed a vulnerable natural and social environment.

The prospective study developed within the framework of the Renovacime program is generic, open and shareable. It proposes measures applicable to all situations.
The first axis concerns the renovation of the building envelope to improve energy performance and update its aesthetics.
The second axis is concerned with the habitability of the dwellings, their possible extension and their comfort.
The third axis imagines the reconfiguration of the common areas to integrate new services.
Finally, the last axis explores the densification of use by creating new living areas in elevation.
The program advocates the massive use of wood and bio-sourced materials as well as the use of short supply and skills circuits.

The program is developed under the aegis of the Pôle Excellence Bois by architects from the Tekhné and Tectoniques agencies, engineers from Tribu, Arborescence, Denizou, Charpente Concept, Tectoniques ingénieurs and the company Maître Cube. Drawings Alexandra Marin Leaf and perspectives of Vladimir DMDJ

Winner of Trophées Séquences bois 2020

The market hall of Marcy l’Etoile, in the Monts du Lyonnais , is the winner of Trophées Sequence Bois 2020. It is characterized by a woven and curved wooden tablecloth developed with Arborescence’s engineers.

integral wood solution

The building permit for a 4500 m2 office building in Dardilly has been filed. The project is designed as a complete wood solution and aims at the Breeam very good label. Freed from the stairwells, which are offset from the living space, the floors are designed to be converted into flex-office, open-space or classic offices. Groupe Duval is the project owner. Delivery is scheduled for 2022.

Wood and bio-sourced simulator

This new tool was developed by VIZCAB (specialising in LCA and low carbon issues) and Tectoniques under the direction of the FCBA and the CNDB, with the support of France Bois Forêt, the CODIFAB and the DHUP (Direction de l’Habitat, de l’Urbanisme et des Paysages).
This simulator, based on an automated Excel spreadsheet, aims to evaluate constructive solutions according to a targeted rate of biosourced materials. The simulator does not require a survey, and is based on elementary data such as living areas or the number of levels.
Download below

Cross laminated timber + Raw clay bricks

After the sanitary truce, the Gavotte construction site at Pennes Mirabeau has just resumed. The current phase mobilizes in particular the CLT slabs with about 1000 m3 required for the operation, and the raw earth bricks which compensate for the inertial weakness of the wood construction. The operation has obtained the GOLD level of the BDM (Bâtiments Durables Méditerranéens) label.

Recent work

This book presents in a detailed and documented way the recent projects of Tectoniques. A little patience is required to download the 300 pages.

Wood + concrete

Just inaugurated and already closed because of Covid, the House of Arts of Charbonnières-Les-Bains did not have much time to break in. The equipment belongs to a new generation of projects from Tectoniques.
In the continuity of the work undertaken, certain points such as the materiality, the relationship to the ground or the constructive mode are evolving towards other devices than those usually developed by the agency, in particular around “all-wood” constructive solutions.
The project consists of a concrete base topped by a wooden structure. The pedestal houses the Youth House while the “wooden cap” houses the music and dance school.
The energy hub consists of an innovative assembly with a condensing boiler coupled to a gas absorption heat pump, itself associated with three vertical geothermal piles 120 metres deep.
Full photo report coming soon.

12 years after

12 years after its delivery, the Nordic ski area of Bessans in Haute Maurienne has taken on a few marks but proudly displays its age.
The skiers are, for their part, always more numerous on this site where snow is never lacking.

Building a new territory for the Paris Olympic Games

As part of the operations to organize the Olympic and Paralympic Games of Paris 2014, our consortium, led by the company Maître Cube, is the winner of the global public performance contract for the construction of two schools in the town of Le Bourget.
These two projects are very ambitious in terms of construction, with a complete wood and biosourced sector, and in terms of environmental objectives with a passivhaus level.
Our team of architects is made up of Tectonics and our friends from Ajeance. A003 complete this binomial for the operational part.
The city of Le Bourget and the SPL le Bourget Grand Paris are project owners of the operation. TVK architects and Base landscapers are in charge of the ZAC Cluster des Médias (project reception site) created around Solideo for the Paris Olympic Games.

Macro-components for facades

The social housing program, rue Meunier, in Villeurbanne for EMH is being delivered.
The wood frame macro-components have been prefabricated in the SDCC workshops in Varces.

Photo report coming soon.