Retirement home

The agency won the competition to build a retirement home for the Yonne departmental retirement home in Auxerre.
The organization into two large functional loops limits the monumentality of the project. Our approach places the landscape at the heart of the project, interweaving it inseparably with the architecture. The resulting image is that of a building immersed in a park, which distances the project from too strong a hospital connotation and facilitates its integration into the neighboring suburban fabric.
The building is constructed according to an extremely rational and proven system. The primary structure is low-carbon concrete, while the envelope walls are timber-framed and insulated with bio-sourced materials. Most of the building is prefabricated off-site.

Youth culture center in Burgundy

The project resorts to a simple, easily identifiable geometry. It is built by a large quadrilateral deployed around a garden courtyard. The volume is treated on one level and covered by wide roofs.
Its dimensions, in height and length, are significantly larger than those of the neighboring pavilions, making it easier to identify the new facility in the Saint Valérien landscape.The domestic and vernacular reference is assumed to display a familiar and benevolent presence.
Each of the wings houses an entity of the program: youth center to the south, music and dance school to the north, while the center is occupied́ by the two large common spaces that are the restaurant and the multi-purpose hall.
Constructed from wood and bio-sourced materials, the building is anchored in its environment. La terre cuite est utilisée en façades et en toitures, sous forme de briques et de tuiles. This choice is in keeping with the tradition of Burgundian brickworks.

Timelapse of the dry process

The Melun schools in the Woodi eco-neighborhood have been completed.
With wood as the predominant material, the interior spaces have a simple, yet soft, Scandinavian feel.
The building is predominantly made of wood (FOB, MOB, ribbed CLT for the floors, joist structure for the roof) and bio-sourced materials (straw caissons for the roof and biofib-trio for the verticals / hemp, wadding and flax).
The caissons are supplied empty to the site, as the insulation is installed in situ, during working hours.
Interior flooring is solid oak parquet on edge. They bring a sense of serenity and unity to the whole, offering a high-quality alternative to glued-down flooring solutions, and less austere than tiled flooring. The timelapse was produced by Timelapse GO’ for the city of Melun. Tectoniques worked with Z architecture Paris on this project.

House of the lake

The Maison du Lac in Montrevel en Bresse has just been delivered.
This project is part of a vast redevelopment of the Plaine Tonique, a leisure center organized around a 95-hectare lake.
The project is led by Axe-Saône, landscape and urban planners of the overall operation, for CA3B Grand Bourg Agglomération with INTERRA.
The Maison du lac project includes boat sheds and a logistics center for the leisure center. It is built in wood and bio-sourced materials and valorizes the short channels and local resources.

BQS / Bois Qualité Savoie

Our group won the competition for the extension of the Mogets school group in Loisin, Haute-Savoie.
The project composes peacefully with the already existing and proposes a link between nature and built space.
We imagined atmospheres of the public space which reinforce the rural and country character of the character of the community and clearly organize the territory of the project. For the interior landscape of the school, nature and freshness regain their right in oasis courtyards generously planted courtyards with a variety of atmospheres.
The new school is built of wood and bio-sourced materials, notably straw and wood wool. In terms of resources and know-how, we will promote short circuits. The French Alps and more specifically the Savoyard territory have multiple resources, especially in the field of wood. More and more labels testify of this vitality, such as Bois Qualité Savoie or more widely Bois des Alpes.

Bioclimatic quadrilateral

Our team won the competition for the Youth Culture Center in Vaison la Romaine.
It is thus a quadrilateral of fifty meters on a side that installs the project in the landscape.
The square is a particularly compact and efficient figure.
The southeast corner of the quadrilateral is specifically activated on the public space.
The mineral and protective enclosure invites the experience of an intense interior landscape that alternates garden and built spaces, serving a particularly rich and ambitious program.
The interior landscape is a neat, flowery and fragrant garden. The pines, cypresses, rosemary, thyme and lavender offer a range of interesting scents and flowers all year round.
The project establishes a contrast between a protective mineral enclosure, addressed to the public space, and an interior world built in wood and widely opened on garden patios.
The bioclimatic principles are primarily dedicated to the protection from the prevailing winds, to the maintenance of coolness in summer, to an abundant and controlled diffusion of natural light and to the calming of the interior acoustic atmosphere.

Interior landscape

We won the competition for the Saint Ignace school group in Vienne, Isère.
The project proposes an extremely clear and legible mapping of functions, organized in a U-shaped plan that wraps around the playgrounds.
Kindergarten and elementary each occupy a separate wing on either side of the centrally positioned common spaces. This archetypal figure creates an intimate and reassuring interior landscape.
It preserves the school space from the hustle and bustle of life and the tumults of the outside world.
Built in wood and bio-sourced materials, the new school integrates a passive cooling from a geothermal installation operating in all seasons and pays specific attention to the quality of indoor air by organizing the natural ventilation of all spaces.

8 floors in wood structure

Our project for the wood and biosourced island in the Port du Rhin district of Strasbourg is nearing completion. It is composed of 98 housing units, built in wood structure up to R+8.
Greenwood Nouvel Habitat is the project owner.
The Urban Community of Strasbourg – CUS – is the developer.
It is composed of 98 housing units, built in wood structure up to R+8.
Greenwood Nouvel Habitat is the project owner.
The Urban Community of Strasbourg is the developer.
The architects of Ajeance are associated with the Tectoniques team. They have monitored the construction site of this complex operation. The studies for this project, which are quite old, had to be updated with the latest regulations applicable to third family wood construction.
Eric Dibling, a specialist in wood construction, acted as a consultant to the project owner to help the team adapt the project at the time of its completion. The various parties involved had to show self-sacrifice to bring the construction to completion.

Vosges Wood

The Collège du Ban in Vagney was inaugurated on January 7 by the elected officials of the Vosges Department, the project owner.
The construction is formed by a gigantic meccano of wood components of all sizes and shapes, including very large elements such as the glulam maxi beam of the interior footbridge, 30 meters long and 1.8 meters high. 
The project team is composed of Tectoniques / architectes mandataires, LSW and SQUAD architectes associés, Itinéraire Bis paysagistes, Tectoniques ingénieurs TCE, eEgénie environnement, Link acoustique, Perrin ingénieurs bois, Oxyelec SSI and Normand OPC. We address a special dedication to Pierre-Yves Lebouc who supervised this beautiful file for Tectoniques and who is now sailing towards new adventures.

Terrace gardens

Our consortium won the tender for the construction of a school group in the ZAC de l’arc sportif in Colombes in the Hauts de Seine. This is a global performance contract of 20 million euros of works led by the company Maître Cube, with Tectoniques architects and engineers, Atalian maintainers, Altitude 35 landscapers, biodiversita, Eegénie and Gamba. The client is Ascodev for the city of Colombes.
The school is U-shaped and progressively stepped towards the south. These terraces are treated as gardens and form balconies over the city.These gardens offer generous pieces of landscape to the school and contribute to naturalize the atmosphere of the neighborhood. The surface of the plot, relatively limited in relation to the program, imposes an organization of the school on several levels.
Building a vertical school is an original situation that initially gave us a lot of questions. In the end, we are now certain that it is an opportunity to create a beautiful urban presence, on the scale of the neighborhood and the city. 

Peaceful coexistence

Our consortium is the winner of the second phase of consultation for lots 8-10 on Armagnac Sud, as part of the Bordeaux-Euratlantique national interest operation led by the EPA Bordeaux-Euratlantique.
The team is led by Bouygues Immobilier.
With a surface area of 11,800 m2, the project consists of a school with 20 classrooms, a sports facility and housing. The atmosphere of the project is peaceful and benevolent. The formal gesture is controlled.
A cameo of light and pastel shades characterizes the general tone, enhanced, over time, by the plants that will gain confidence and consistency.
Our project imagines an ordinary city, in the best sense of the word, without the architecture dominating the landscape nor being banal, but rather being fair, in the most political sense of the term.
The operation will be certified NF Habitat HQE 9* level Excellent. It targets the Biodivercity and biosourced level 3 labels, and is part of the Bordeaux Frugal Building approach. The construction is envisaged as a mixed wood and concrete solution. For this operation, we are accompanied by Alterlab, a young Rochelaise agency, and Land’Act, landscape designers.


We are winners of the competition for the recomposition and extension of the Bouchet school group in Bonneville in Haute Savoie. The existing school group is characterized by a rationalist design, typical of the 60s, the period when the building was built.
Numerous renovation, extension and thermal insulation works of the envelope have been carried out since. These works have transformed the characteristics of the original building, but its original concrete post – beam structure and systemic constructive framework remain present.
We consider that this architectural base is rather qualitative and we try, through this project, to value this heritage and to propose an architecture obviously contemporary but proud of its history.
Our project has focused on several objectives:
The compliance with the strong constraints of the PPRI,
The inscription of the new equipment in ambitious environmental and energy perspectives,
The general improvement of the reception conditions, the flow of students and teachers and the ergonomics of the interior fittings,
The complete requalification of the interior atmosphere, with particular attention to acoustic correction, the provision of natural light and the quality of the interior air.

Beyond the necessary compliance, we propose a formal and programmatic clarification of the entire site. Our project favors simple connections and an explicit partition between the territories, particularly between the kindergarten and the elementary school.
The architecture, deliberately simple, proposes a radical metamorphosis by transposing the original systemic writing, from concrete to wood. The original framework and the constructive rhythm are preserved but translated into another architectural language.

Collaborative workshops

The consortium led by Tectoniques has won a tender for the redevelopment of the town center of Orliénas in the Rhône.
The project is composed of a set of small facilities (nursery, school, library, restaurant). It supports and completes the existing facilities and contributes to the creation of a new landscape, very green and with a naturalist atmosphere.
The buildings are made of wood and insulated with straw.
An original and committed citizen participation system has been set up for this operation with collaborative workshops and construction – cafés.

From concrete to wood

The restructuring and extension of the Bastié college in Dole is in its first phase and delivery is scheduled

Built in the 70’s in prefabricated concrete components, the Bastié high school in Dole is undergoing a complete renovation and extension.
All the new works are also made of components but this time in wood. Delivery is scheduled for September 2022.
On this project, we are carrying out a work of architectural restitution of the floor system. The existing floors are prefabricated concrete caissons, typical of the 70s, which we are keeping. The new floors are made of wood but they restore, with the same dimensional characteristics, the pattern of the initial caissons. They are made by the group of carpenters ALD – Marillier.

On the lakefront

We are very happy to participate in the competition for the creation of a Naturotheque, in the Parc de l’Olivier in Istres. The 11 hectares of the Park are on the edge of the Etang de l’Olivier, itself north of the Etang de Berre. The ensemble to be created is an awareness platform on the environment, biodiversity and agro-ecology for schools and the general public. This ambitious program is led by the Metropole Aix-Marseille-Provence with the city of Istres.
For this exciting project, we are accompanied by the landscape designer Jean Baptiste Lestra, usual partner of the Tectoniques team and teacher at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure du Paysage de Marseille.

low carbon housing

The Villeneuve eco-district – ZAC du Coteau is located in Cognin, west of Chambéry. We are the winners, in a consortium led by Icade, of the consultation on blocks 4.1, 4.2, 3.1 and 3.2. The project management team consists of Tectoniques, Loup & Menigoz architectes associés, MRP – Marco Rossi Paysage and Terre Eco for the environment.
This 150-home complex offers a variety of housing types (individual housing, intermediate and collective) and features innovative typologies.
The environmental approach and the construction processes are ambitious, with in particular the development of prefabrication and the dry process, the construction of wood in short circuits or the realization of works in low carbon concrete based on pozzolan cement.


The courtyard of the new school of Montmerle, in the Ain, is being assembled.
It is made of two CLT XXL plates, the largest transportable format, pierced with a series of oculi.
The whole will be covered by a translucent plate. The company Nugues realizes this singular object.


As part of our development, we are looking for architects in Lyon and Bordeaux, as well as a QEB-CVC engineer and an economist for Tectoniques ingénieurs.

Palimpsest in Merignac

In Mérignac, east of Bordeaux Metropole, the agency is dedicated to a rather unusual activity around a heritage restitution.
The existing structures are made of solid stone while the new ones are built in wood and clad in metal sheets.
The final result of this double juxtaposition of stone + wood and new + old is scheduled for 2022.
The facility houses various public services of the city, including a day care center and a residents’ center.
A vertical geothermal probe installation and a self-consumption photovoltaic production unit accompany this project, which has an RT – 40%.

Into the wild

We have just been awarded two beautiful private orders located in the middle of nature and in the open air.
These are two lodge programs, quite similar, but in two very different landscapes. The first one is located on the edge of a magnificent private pond in Corrèze. The second is located on a perched site in the heart of the Pilat Park.

Planted decks

Tectoniques won the competition for the Maison des Familles de Limonest.
The new facility is located at the bedside and below the Saint Martin church, in the heart of the town.
This remarkable location suggests a discreet and respectful presence.
To do this, we propose a device of anchoring and absorption of the project in the existing slope.
It leans and develops in the height of the base wall of the church square without exceeding its reference altitude.
The architecture is formed from a succession of three planted decks.
The House of Families thus seems to emerge from the landscape without trying to dominate it.

10th International Wood Construction Forum

The FBC 2021, a great gathering of all the actors of the wood industry, takes place this year at the Grand Palais Ephémère in Paris. Our team presented the project of the new public facilities of the Gavotte in Pennes-Mirabeau, north of Marseille. The operation is at the end of its construction phase. It is an important milestone for our experience in wood and bio-sourced construction in the Mediterranean climate. The project has been awarded the BDM Gold level label for sustainable Mediterranean buildings. It illustrates in particular the efficiency of the biosourced + geosourced tandem to ensure summer comfort, which is becoming the main focus of our current approach.

2870 tons of CO2

The developer REI, committed to ecology and wood construction since its creation, is starting its first operation in the Lyon region with the Tectoniques team. For this project, REI is associated with the Lyon team of Icade.
The program is located in the Orfèvres eco-district in Trévoux and comprises 84 homes and a gite. It is mainly built in wood (integral wood for the second family of buildings and a mixed wood-concrete solution for the third family). The project reaches the E3C2 level and the biosourced label level 3 with a wood-energy heating.
The total CO2 gain of the operation for a 50-year building life is about 2870 tons, i.e. 34 tons of CO2 per apartment.
These 2870 tons represent 11 million km by car, or 161,000 round trips between Lyon and Trevoux.

Finally delivered

After many ups and downs, the social housing site on rue Pasteur in Caluire has finally been delivered.
Built for Lyon Métropole Habitat, this program is a mixed wood and concrete solution.
It includes 69 bi-oriented units, all with loggias and distributed by outdoor walkways.
The wood-framed facades – FOB – are clad in Fibrocement sheets and steel cladding, alternating matt and shiny, mineral and metallic.
We address a special dedication to Sébastien Dangin who followed, for Tectoniques, the end of this laborious construction site.
Photos : Renaud Araud

Shared city-campus equipment

Tectoniques won the competition for the creation of a shared City-Campus facility in the centre of Vaulx-en-Velin.
The National School of Architecture of Lyon / ENSAL and the School of Sustainable Land Management / ENTPE are the prestigious neighbours and users of the new facility.
Its ambition is to encourage exchanges and collaboration between players in the economic world, secondary and higher education, vocational training, social development and civil society.
The project is designed as a multi-purpose platform, which can evolve and is very open to the public space.
Built in wood, biosourced and geosourced materials, the project is a constructive and environmental demonstrator, particularly for student architects and engineers, who are the designers of tomorrow.

Mixed wood-concrete system

Tectoniques is the winner of a consultation for lot i of the new Grand Parilly district in Vénissieux.
The buildings are designed in a mixed wood-concrete system and are thus part of a new generation of construction and architecture in the Lyon metropolis.
The wood and its transformation are sourced regionally.
The performance levels are BEPOS Effinergie 2017(E3C1), NF HQE housing and the performance level of the Référentiel Grand Lyon.
The program includes 115 housing units and shared spaces.
The developer is Lionheart accompanied by D2P conseil and the Atelier Roche agency as chief architect.
Icade is the owner of the lot and we are sharing this project with the BBC agency.

integral wood solution

The building permit for a 4500 m2 office building in Dardilly has been filed. The project is designed as a complete wood solution and aims at the Breeam very good label. Freed from the stairwells, which are offset from the living space, the floors are designed to be converted into flex-office, open-space or classic offices. Groupe Duval is the project owner. Delivery is scheduled for 2022.

Wood and bio-sourced simulator

This new tool was developed by VIZCAB (specialising in LCA and low carbon issues) and Tectoniques under the direction of the FCBA and the CNDB, with the support of France Bois Forêt, the CODIFAB and the DHUP (Direction de l’Habitat, de l’Urbanisme et des Paysages).
This simulator, based on an automated Excel spreadsheet, aims to evaluate constructive solutions according to a targeted rate of biosourced materials. The simulator does not require a survey, and is based on elementary data such as living areas or the number of levels.
Download below

Cross laminated timber + Raw clay bricks

After the sanitary truce, the Gavotte construction site at Pennes Mirabeau has just resumed. The current phase mobilizes in particular the CLT slabs with about 1000 m3 required for the operation, and the raw earth bricks which compensate for the inertial weakness of the wood construction. The operation has obtained the GOLD level of the BDM (Bâtiments Durables Méditerranéens) label.

Recent work

This book presents in a detailed and documented way the recent projects of Tectoniques. A little patience is required to download the 300 pages.

Wood + concrete

Just inaugurated and already closed because of Covid, the House of Arts of Charbonnières-Les-Bains did not have much time to break in. The equipment belongs to a new generation of projects from Tectoniques.
In the continuity of the work undertaken, certain points such as the materiality, the relationship to the ground or the constructive mode are evolving towards other devices than those usually developed by the agency, in particular around “all-wood” constructive solutions.
The project consists of a concrete base topped by a wooden structure. The pedestal houses the Youth House while the “wooden cap” houses the music and dance school.
The energy hub consists of an innovative assembly with a condensing boiler coupled to a gas absorption heat pump, itself associated with three vertical geothermal piles 120 metres deep.
Full photo report coming soon.

12 years after

12 years after its delivery, the Nordic ski area of Bessans in Haute Maurienne has taken on a few marks but proudly displays its age.
The skiers are, for their part, always more numerous on this site where snow is never lacking.

Building a new territory for the Paris Olympic Games

As part of the operations to organize the Olympic and Paralympic Games of Paris 2014, our consortium, led by the company Maître Cube, is the winner of the global public performance contract for the construction of two schools in the town of Le Bourget.
These two projects are very ambitious in terms of construction, with a complete wood and biosourced sector, and in terms of environmental objectives with a passivhaus level.
Our team of architects is made up of Tectonics and our friends from Ajeance. A003 complete this binomial for the operational part.
The city of Le Bourget and the SPL le Bourget Grand Paris are project owners of the operation. TVK architects and Base landscapers are in charge of the ZAC Cluster des Médias (project reception site) created around Solideo for the Paris Olympic Games.

Macro-components for facades

The social housing program, rue Meunier, in Villeurbanne for EMH is being delivered.
The wood frame macro-components have been prefabricated in the SDCC workshops in Varces.

Photo report coming soon.