Experimental Science Platform

Martillac / Gironde

The project is presented as a large, elongated parallelepiped at the landscape scale. On the forest side, it embraces the whole view of the moor and on the square side, it structures the space of the mall with a large facade of passageways.
A device of pilings delicately raises the building above the ground, while making it possible to create a semi-buried and naturally ventilated car park.

The building is composed of three superimposed levels.

The functions are distributed on one, two or three levels creating connections across the levels according to the needs. The structural, rational and repetitive framework adapts to the programmatic needs. Interconnection and scalability are at the heart of the building.

Two volumes of stairs/lifts are distributed in the plan and serve as a stability element for the project. They serve the three levels and the semi-underground parking level.

The whole is built in CLT. The façades are clad in mud bricks to reinforce the inertia of the whole and to offer a good comfort in hot periods.

Sheltered external corridors connect the programmatic spaces to each other, allowing direct access from one to the other, thus leaving each function with a possible autonomy.

The interior ambiences are characterized by a raw structural aesthetics that faithfully retranscribes the general architectonics of the work.

EURECKAPOLE / Platform on experimental sciences, life sciences and wine sectors
with Biolab, incubator, co-working trays, conference centre, restaurants, etc.

Client : CC Montesquieu

Area: 4306 m2
Cost of works: 9.5 MEHT

Architects: Tectoniques architects
Arborescence engineers wood structures
Jean Baptiste Lestra / Itineraire Bis / Landscapers
Ingérop engineers
Gamma kitchens
Acoustic Hedont
eEgénie Environmental Engineering

Jury’s winning project / no further action

Bioclimatic design and eco-construction in wood and bio-sourced materials,
Groundwater heat pump in reversible mode / no air conditioning required,
assisted natural ventilation,
Photovoltaic production with 80% self-consumption Target E3C2 under RT 2012
Positive energy building with BEPOS Effinergie 2017 label