Equestrian club

Gennevilliers / Hauts de Seine

The distribution of the different entities of the programme around the career offers centrality and builds a coherent and strong landscape piece.
It allows a reasoned management of the work phases in order to maintain the exploitation. It redistributes all the flows while avoiding overlapping or delicate crossings. Finally, it provides visual and sound protection from the neighbouring sports stadium.
Architecturally, the project is distinguished by the silhouettes of the various objects that make it up: a skilful folding of the roofs for the stables and associated premises, a main body for the reception and equestrian centre located at the centre of the new facility, a large translucent vault for the riding arena roofs, and finally a strange flower turned upside down above the lunge circle.
The whole forms a cheerful colony, in the image of a circus campus or a contemporary ranch. This playful and cheerful character suits well, in our opinion, this type of equipment and its public.
Located on the edge of the Sévines park, the entrance to the riding school faces the club house, which faces the rue Jules Dumien. The location of this reception building, slightly set back from the street alignment, frees up a parking and circulation space necessary for the smooth running of the riding centre.
Visitors are greeted in a largely glazed through hall. They can thus admire the training areas as soon as they arrive. User-friendly and bright, this space is equipped with a refreshment bar and an outdoor terrace allowing a comfortable wait between the different classes. This terrace is protected by trees and will certainly be one of the most used places of the new equipment. Upstairs, the terrace of the club house, offers a panoramic view of the whole site.
The stables are located on the west side of the plot, away from the noise of the street and the sports field. The proximity of the three equine buildings limits traffic and concentrates the logistic functions. All outside movements, between and along the stables, are protected from bad weather and lit.
The large quarry is the heart of the new facility. It is placed at the centre of the plan and protected from the outside world.
The two riding arenas are deliberately assembled and treated in the same architectural sequence that builds the east bank and isolates the centre of the sports arena. A large translucent vault covers the whole to form a single object.
This vault consists of a double-curved canvas stretched over a wooden and metal frame. This device is very light and very quick to set up. It diffuses a soft light without contrasts on all the work surfaces, ensuring the comfort of the riders and horses, who are sensitive to contrasts that are too pronounced. It also improves the interior acoustics of the rides and reduces discomfort in case of rain. There are bleachers on both sides of the rides, behind the boot guards, and slightly elevated for an unobstructed view. The bleachers located on the west side of the rides are reversible and can be used on the quarry side.

Club house, equipment centre, stables, technical rooms, quarry, riding schools and roundabouts.

Client: City of Gennevilliers

Contractors Client: Tectoniques architects
Associated architects: D+H
TCE Engineers: Tectoniques engineers
Environment: eEgenie
Wood and textile structural engineering: Arborescence
Acoustics: DbVib

winning project 2019 / in progress