Bird park

Villars-les-Dombes / Ain

The park and its facilities are to be completely reorganised. The work will take place in five phases.
This ambitious project is intended to broaden the park’s appeal, and to provide a more congenial, attractive presentational style for the collection of birds. Based on the idea of giving the visitor a new type of experience, our proposal creates characteristic “worlds” which represent the natural environments of the different families of birds. The landscape, architectural and scenographic configurations work in synergy with the different themes: savanna, tropical aviary, parrot city, raptor aviaries, South American aviary, cold lands, the Dombes farm. The project is totally eco-constructive.

Complete reconstruction of the Bird Park, with bird display areas (ponds, enclosures, aviaries, nursery), public reception areas (shops, observatories, projection rooms, educational workshops), restaurants, administrative premises and logistics areas.

Client / Natur’Ain / Régie Départementale du Parc / Funding: Conseil Général de l’Ain
Area :
 area of 15 hectares
: 10 M.€HT

Ilex paysagistes
Tectoniques architectes
Partners / collaborators
Marc Boussekey (zoology), Ducks (scenography)
Cap Vert (roads and utilities)
Agibat MTI (structures), BET Nicolas (water, gas, electricity)
ECPI (construction economics)