Covered market, garden and public spaces

Tarare / Rhône

This structure was grafted onto an existing industrial base, part of which was dismantled.
The oldest structures were conserved, notably the base and timber frame of the former weavers’ workshops, which now constitute the infrastructure of a public garden located 3 metres above street level. This, it may be said, is now a prominent feature of the urban landscape.
The underground vats have been turned into pools fed by rainwater collected across the complex, which is used for watering the public garden.
The new market has replaced the demolished structures, which formed the most recent part of the site, but also the most dilapidated.
We wanted to evoke the industrial history of the area with a recurring motif that would recall its former functions.
The south-facing sections of the roof are opaque, while the transparent panels on the north-facing sections, and the trellis motif of the frame, create a pattern of light and shadow that adds to the general ambiance.

Covered market, garden and public spaces on a former industrial site

Client : Ville de Tarare
Area : 
6000 m2, Hall 1500 m2

Budget : 1,6 M.€HT

Tectoniques architectes
Partners / collaborators
Landscape Architects : Axe Saône
Sound Engineer : Louis Dandrel Scénographe: Pierre Jaubert
CET Ingénierie / Anglade structure bois