Tourist residence and tiny houses

Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne / Savoie

This project involved the spatial organisation of lightweight tourist accommodation, as well as the creation of a leisure residence, a restaurant and different activity spaces that can be used all year round.
The residence was created from the renovation and extension of an old house dating from the 1950s that presented limited architectural interest. Nevertheless, we respected the morphology of the existing structure. Our intervention was characterised by adding an additional level (restaurant level), the complete reformulation of the dispositive of distribution, and the creation of “thick facades.” The entire operation was realised in timber framed construction and respected the prerogatives of an environmental approach. Citing in particular the creation of a system using wood for heating purposes, or the installation of a solar hot water system.

Tourisme accommodation, 80 bed tourist residence, reception facilities and 3 star camping

Budget : 3,3 M.€HT
Client : Commune de Saint-Michel

Architects and engineers
CET ingénierie