Childhood centre

Saint-Didier-de-Formans / Ain

This project was centred on an “eco-system” and an organic theme.
The general configuration is one of overlapping circles in the form of a ribbon that winds around itself.
The presence of the constructed elements is deliberately muted by the horizontal, flexible nature of the design, which avoids aggressive confrontations and leads the eye along.
The lissom lines and flowing forms are redolent of those that can be found in nature.
Moderate height, curved lines, the use of wood and a range of “environmental” materials produce a restful, unassuming effect.
There is a geothermal installation with a reversible heat pump; hot water is produced by a solar heating system; and most of the building material is derived from wood. In other words, this project sits squarely within the ethos of sustainable development.

Childhood centre / Les crayons verts

Client : Communauté de Communes Saône Vallée / CCSV
Area : 750 m2
Budget : 1,2 M.€HT

Architects :Tectoniques architectes
Engineers : 
Anglade bois / Riera / Areba / Thermibel / Etamine Environnement / Tectoniques engineers

Main firms 

Gros oeuvre / shell : Bailly SAS / Charpente bois / Wood-structured roof: Sud Est Charpente/ Chauffage, plomberie, VMC / Heating, plumbing, mechanical ventilation system : Servignat / Electricité / Electricity : Tertiel / Menuiseries intérieures et extérieures / External and internal woodwork : Clement SAS. 

Main products and systems 

Slab and two wind bracing walls : concrete / Frame : wood / External carpentry : wood / Boiler room door: metal / Interior layout : plaster board partitions / Wooden wind bracing walls / Interior carpentry : painted wood / Service shaft frame : heat lacquered welded metal / Service shaft dressing : wood and stretched canvas / Furniture : wood / False ceilings : plaster board and staff in the hallway /