Schools and nursery

Melun / Seine et Marne

Tectoniques is the winner of the competition for the realization of the new school for the eco-neighborhood of Plaine de Montagu in Melun in Seine et Marne.
The project is very ambitious on the environmental level with an E3C2 passive level objective and a specific valorisation of hemp material cultivated and developed on the Commune of Melun.
Built in wood and bio-sourced materials, the programme includes schools, a nursery and a school restaurant.

School group, nursery and school restaurant
in Melun / Eco-quartier of the Plaine de Montaigu

Client : City of Melun

SDP area: 3200 M2
cost of work: 10,5 M.Euros HT

Architects: Tectoniques Architects (agents)
with Atelier 208 associated architects and operation architects
Engineers: Arborescence wood structure, Tectoniques Engineers, eEnvironmental engineering

Winner of the competition / in progress


High Environmental Quality approach with a Passiv level under RT 2012 / E3-C2

Natural Refreshment
Biosourced materials (hemp insulation produced in Melun) and geo-sourced materials (inertial interior partitions made of raw earth bricks)
Wood construction/low carbon building
Indoor air quality approach (over-ventilation and ad-hoc material and furniture requirements)
Prefabricated construction from 2D components