Dole / Jura

Tectoniques is the winner of the competition for the Maryse Bastié college in Dole in the Jura.
The general composition of the site is characterized by a rationalist design, typical of the 1970s, when the buildings were built.
Our work of recomposition focused on the general improvement of the conditions of reception of the pupils and the teachers without making a clean slate of the existing buildings.
In addition to compliance, we propose a formal and programmatic clarification of the entire site.
Wood is used for the entire framework, with a majority use of solid wood, in order to favour local and regional channels. Most of the interior finishes are also made of wood or biosourced materials.
An architectural mediation is created between the old prefabricated boxed concrete floors, which we keep, and the floors of the new parts, treated in wooden boxes with a similar design.

Recomposition and extension of the Maryse Bastié College in Dole

Contracting authority: Conseil Général du Jura (Jura General Council)

Unchanged existing surface: 1300 m2 Renovated existing surface: 2800 m2 Created surface: 3600 m2 

Demolished area: 900 m2
cost of work: 8,2 M.Euros HT

Architects: Tectoniques architects
Engineers: Tectoniques engineers, Arborescence wood structure

Winning project / in progress

High Environmental Quality approach with the objective of BBC renovation for existing buildings
and EFFINERGIE 2017 – EFFILOGIS LEVEL 2 for new / Low consumption building

With photovoltaic power plant for self-consumption
Heating on heating network
Dual flow ventilation with recovery and over-ventilation device at 25 M3/H
Biosourced materials (Métisse insulation in recycled textile)
Timber construction / Low carbon construction / Prefabricated construction in 2D components
Indoor air quality approach (over-ventilation and ad-hoc material and furniture requirements)