Equestrian club

Draveil / Essonne

The project is inserted on the plain and the banks of the river Seine, which have seen multiple evolutions…
Our philosophy was based on modernising the installations and the functioning of the site without disturbing the fragile equilibrium that existed.
The site of the poney club benefits from a green belt that protects the activities and characterises the ambiance of the environment.
The new spatial reorganisation proposed to regroup the activities, the built forms, the reception of the public, in a elongated clearing constructed in the heart of the natural woodlands.
The buildings were realised in timber framed construction, and were subjected to an environmental approach of high quality, notably that of eco-construction.

Equestrian club, equestrian brigade, river port, harbour masters office, and reception facilities

Client : Syndicat Mixte du Port aux Cerises et AFTRP

Budget : 3 M.€HT

Architects et engineers
Axe Saône paysagistes