Tourist residence

This is a rehabilitation, elevation and extension of a 94-room tourist residence with kitchen, restaurant, clubs, multi-purpose room, swimming pool, wellness area and bar. It is also the 1st renovation of a tourist residence labelled BBC Effinergie and PREBAT winner in the French Alps.

3 initial objectives to be met :
– Expand the capacity of the equipment (47 additional rooms) by offering more contemporary room formats and services.
– Improve the atmosphere, conviviality and comfort of the complex
– Ensure good environmental behaviour for new and existing buildings.

First of all, a technical and environmental upgrading of the existing equipment (some of which is at the “end of life”) was necessary. Then, after several comparative studies, the extension scenario retained consists in building a small new building in the extension of the existing structure, towards the South-West, and to complete the existing complex with light wood-frame over-elevations. This system makes it possible to double the capacity of the residence, while re-densifying and improving the compactness of the complex. It should be specified that the existing buildings (in concrete) are likely to support the over-elevations without taking over the existing structural works. All the buildings (new and existing) are clad in wood and re-insulated from the outside, to ensure better energy performance and to transform the overall image of the residence. At the end of the operation, it is difficult to identify the new parts of the existing buildings. The initial objectives have therefore been achieved.

Restructuring and BBC Effinergie labelled extension of a tourist residence located at La Plage Montalbert at 1450 m altitude

Client Cap Vacanciel with the support of Caisse des Dépôts

Area 1624 m2 new and 2893 m2 rehabilitation
Budget 4,5 M.€HT

Architects and economists
Arborescence, IgBat
Exndo Environment
Studio Totem

Tourist residence with BBC Effinergie label and PREBAT award winner
306 m² of photovoltaic panels (Production 34.5 MWh/year)
Dual-flow VMC for common areas
Boiler wood chips 350 kW
Snow management, skockage on roofs and in draining areas
200m3 of wood from France (East) and Austria