Intermediate housing

Vauhallan / Essonne / France

The project was awarded to us as part of a design-build procedure, in a grouping between Ossabois – Tectoniques and S2T.
The program is devoted to intermediate social housing in the city of Vauhallan, Essonne, for Opievoy (Opievoy since 2018 the Yvelines Residences Essonne).
We built this complete complex entirely with prefabricated wooden elements.

Intermediate social housing on two sites in Vauhallan / Essonne

Master of work : Opievoy / Les Résidences Yvelines Essonne

Representative of the Ossabois grouping with 5D solution (3D for the sanitary blocks and 2D for the architectural works)
Project Management: Tectoniques Architects
Design offices: S2T and Tectoniques Engineers
Wooden structure : Ossabois
Control office: Socotec
SPS: Lafay SPS

Total SDP: 2500 m2
Cost of work: 3.6 M € excl. tax.
Année de livraison / Year delivered: 2018
Photographers : Ossabois / Royalty free photos

Main companies: Ossabois

Coût travaux : 3,6 M € H.T.
Année de livraison / Year delivered: 2018
Photographes : Ossabois
Photos libres de droit

Principales entreprises : Ossabois