Day hospital

Clermont-Ferrand / Puy de Dôme

The Clermont-Ferrand Nutrition-obesity day hospital has been installed in its new building, near the CHU Estaing, since the beginning of 2020.
Its mission of caring for overweight or obese people remains the same, with an even more structured response for children.
Over the years, this service, which is unique in France, has reached cruising speed with 6900 days of day hospitalisation in 2019.
These obese and overweight patients, referred by their doctor, are cared for by a multidisciplinary team of about twenty specialists: doctors, dietician, psychologist, sophrologist, adapted physical activity teacher, cook, social worker, nurse…
The hospital programme is accompanied by a social housing complex.
OPHIS is in charge of the project management of the complex.
The hospital is managed by UGECAM and ALPC.
The architecture is soberly treated.
It restores small-scale blocks, each dedicated to a part of the programme, well adapted to the Faubourien urban planning of the district. Garden rooms complete this system, on the ground and on the suspended terraces.
The hospital is built in wood with ribbed CLT floors developed by Arborescence, wood engineers.

Nutrition-obesity day hospital for UGECAM and ALPC
and social housing

Master of work : OPHIS

17 social housing units
Day hospital area: 1542 m2
Amount of works: 4.2 M.d’euros HT

Architects: Tectoniques Architects
Associated architects: Kiziltas
Fluid Engineers and Economists: Tectoniques Engineers
Wood Engineers: Arborescence
Acoustic Lasa

Delivery 2020
Photos Jérome Ricolleau / royalty-free