Régilait’s head office

Saint Martin de Belleroche / Saône et Loire
Regional Wood Construction Award 2019

The project concerns the extension and renovation of Régilait’s head office in Saône et Loire.
The project is built in wood with an emphasis on short circuits and local industries.
The work spaces respect an intermediate typology, both open and closed.
It is visually open and preserves a continuous landscape, particularly in a standing position.
At the same time it is closed and intersected by carpentry and glass units that form independent alcoves and isolate the seated work stations.

Regional Wood Construction Award 2019

Régilait’s head office

Client: Régilait – France Lait

Architects: Tectoniques architects
Economists: Tectoniques engineers
Engineers: ID 5, Engineering Tectoniques


Targeted environmental approach
Wood construction in short channels and bio-sourced materials

Regional Construction Award 2019